OptimICE® FK-100 PreCooler

The PreCooler ensures that the temperature of the products is always 0°C during production, as well as maximizing the quality and lengthening the shelf life of the products.

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The PreCooler is used to obtain optimal utilization of the OptimICE® system in variant circumstances. The PreCooler is adjusted and calibrated to suit each customer and his particular requirements. The selection of the correct PreCooler is dependent on the size of the liquid ice system being used and water temperature. The use of a PreCooler allows the customer to optimize the efficiency of the liquid ice system at both different levels of flow and water temperature.

From when the fish is caught, with a temperature of 6°C in the raw material, it does not take more than 1 hour to cool the fish down to -0,3°C to -0,9°C using OptimICE® cooling and it stays at this temperature throughout the whole process. 

Temperature measurements

Temperature measurements were performed in a fish factory in Hellissandur where OptimICE® pre-cooling equipment is installed. OptimICE® liquid slurry ice machines are used on board the ships.

Maintain cooling throughout the processing


Our objective is to assist our customers and enhance operational efficiency from the moment our systems are delivered. We provide comprehensive support, including services, parts, upgrades, and expertise, throughout the entire lifespan of our equipment.

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Where the cool chain never breaks

OptimICE® is a liquid slurry ice technology that replaces conventional flake ice. The liquid slurry ice is produced on board the ship or onshore using seawater or saltwater. The liquid slurry ice surrounds the fish, quickly cooling it down below 0°C and keeping the temperature around -0.5°C. During the whole fishing trip, landing, during transport to manufacturers and at the final consumer the fish stays at the same temperature without freezing. Therefore, the cool chain never breaks with OptimICE® rapid cooling and the fish stays fresh at all times, maintaining maximum quality.

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OptimICE® systems come in various types and they can be customized depending on your needs. We work closely with our customers to find the best solution for each operation.