Control Systems

For more than twenty years, KAPP has been engaged in designing, programming, and implementing control systems for a wide range of industries. Our control systems are meticulously tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Whether it's small controllers for certain machines or extensive control systems like SCADA, we have the expertise to create control systems of various scales. Our objective is consistently focused on enhancing efficiency and sustainability. 

We offer a complete solution

  • Programming

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Connections

Industrial controls

We are experts when it comes to automating smaller systems. Industrial controls increase automation and capacity. We offer diverse and flexible solutions for many industries where you choose what you want to control and monitor.

Examples of solutions we offer

SCADA systems

We have a lot of knowledge and experience with SCADA systems in many different types. The purpose of SCADA systems is to give you an overview of equipment in production or other activities through a single control system. The display systems can provide a variety of information and action options and are tailored for your needs.

SCADA systems for factories


KAPP sells equipment from Helmholz. Helmholz's offers various possibilities in terms of remote connection, handling communication between different communication standards and allowing PLCs from different manufacturers communicate with each other.

With the REX network router, the user can be connected directly to the equipment and give an overview of the equipment running, read errors, data and measurements in real time. The device can also send SMS and/or e-mail in case of an error. With opens up the possibility for a technician to diagnose faults anywhere in the world. The device also waits to send SMS and/or e-mail in case of an error. Web2Go opens up the possibility of connecting a monitor via a web browser.

Our advantages

  • Fast and quality work

  • Fewer processes

  • Personal service

  • A more complete solution

System Solutions

We are well-equipped to tackle projects of all sizes, with a team of professionals that includes technologists, engineers and skilled craftsmen. Our experience spans decades, specializing in comprehensive solutions such as design and installation of freezing and cooling systems, conveyor belts, and control systems.

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