About OptimICE®

OptimICE® is a liquid slurry ice technology that replaces conventional flake ice. The liquid slurry ice is produced on board the ship or onshore using seawater or saltwater. The liquid slurry ice surrounds the fish, quickly cooling it down below 0°C and keeping the temperature around -0.5°C. During the whole fishing trip, landing, during transport to manufacturers and at the final consumer the fish stays at the same temperature without freezing. Therefore, the cool chain never breaks with OptimICE® rapid cooling and the fish stays fresh at all times, maintaining maximum quality.

Where the cool chain never breaks

  • Rapid cooling

    OptimICE® rapid cooling is up to 10 times faster below 0°C/32°F than traditional flake ice. 

  • Shelf life increased by 5-7 days

    The rapid and efficient cooling of the catch ensures the freshness and maximum quality of the product.

  • Formation of macro bacteria is decreased

    The rapyd cooling reduces bacterial growth drastically. Furthermore, the OptimICE® liquid ice is produced in closed system without exposure to outside impurity. 

  • Improved efficiency

    OptimICE® is a fully automated system where shovelling ice and other extra work is unnecessary. OptimICE® increases the value of the product and is energy saving onshore.

After 14 days of cooling

The difference in quality can be seen in the photos, taken of fish after fourteen days of cooling, where the right one is cooled with OptimICE® liquid ice and the left one with flake ice.

Rapid cooling of the catch is key

As soon as a fish is caught, its decay begins and the sooner it gets refrigerated, the less bacteria will grow, shelf life will be prolonged and maximum quality maintained.

The graph shows the difference between cooling demersal fish with OptimICE® liquid ice on the one hand and traditional flake ice on the other.

Revolutionizing fish preservation

The OptimICE® liquid Ice system cools the fish down to below 0°C in less than one hour. Using traditional flaked ice, it takes around fifteen hours to reach the same temperature.

It is a recognized fact that treatment and cooling speeds are the most important in maintaining fresh fish quality. The key to increasing the quality of fish is rapid cooling, thus reducing microbial and bacterial formation.

Numerous studies have been performed on the cooling systems and all show similar results. The graph above is from Seafish Scotland. Matís, the Icelandic Food and Biotech research institute and the University of Akureyri as well as the International Journal of Refrigeration etc. have also researched slurry ice cooling and published similar results.

Fresh Product From Sea To The Consumer

The rapid and efficient cooling of the catch ensures the freshness and maximum quality of the product. The cooling never ends when the fish is in transport onshore. Even though cooling in a trailer fails, the cooling of the fish doesn’t stop because of OptimICE®.

The fish can finish the journey across the country and be complete and in top condition all the way, due to OptimICE®. The ice-less sub-chilling solutions are, on the other hand, very sensitive in transport.

Temperature measurements

Temperature measurements were performed in a fish factory in Hellissandur where OptimICE® pre-cooling equipment is installed. OptimICE® liquid slurry ice machines are used on board the ships.

We Are Trusted By

We are proud to share that our company has earned the trust of reputable industry leading companies. With a track record of reliability and excellence, we have established strong partnerships that rely on our products and services.

  • Christian Asay

    Director of Catcher Vessel Operations

    "Trident Seafoods’ main focus is to bring to shore the best quality product possible. Using OptimICE® onboard our vessels allows us to chill the catch much faster than using traditional RSW systems only. The extra cooling boost when using the OptimICE® system allows us to preserve the quality of the fish we bring to our processing plants".

  • Pétur H. Pálsson

    Director of Vísir fishing company

    “We have used the OptimICE® equipment in our fishing vessels for many years. Our experience has been outstanding. It gives us without a doubt better quality, longer shelf life, reduced labor hours and better price for our products.”

  • Kristján Vilhelmsson

    Managing director - Ships operations

    "We have used the OptimICE® Liquid ice systems in our fishing vessels for a long time. Our experience is very good. It gives us better quality, longer shelf life and the labor hours are reduced. We get a higher price for our products".

Over 500 vessels use OptimICE®

  • Nergård havfiske as

    Nergard Havfiske

  • Dominator

    Trident Seafoods

  • Kaldbakur EA 001

    Samherji hf

  • Örvar SH 777

    Hraðfrystihús Hellissands hf

  • Fjolnir GK 157

    Vísir hf

  • Ljósafell SU 70

    Loðnuvinnslan hf

  • Harðbakur EA 3

    Samherji hf

  • Vestmannaey VE 54

    Bergur-Huginn ehf

  • Bolga N-10-ME

    Kystfiske AS

  • Rifsnes SH 44

    Hraðfrystihús Hellissands hf

  • Álsey VE 2

    Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja hf

  • Blængur NK 125

    Síldarvinnslan hf

  • Dala Rafn VE 508

    Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja hf

  • Gullver NS 12

    Síldarvinnslan hf

  • Ottó N Þorláksson VE 5

    Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja

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OptimICE® Guarantee

A guarantee is given for 12 months after test-run, or max 18 months from delivery of equipment from KAPP factory.


The guarantee covers only duplicate parts delivered EXW KAPP factory if failure is caused by original fault of material and/or workmanship.


The guarantee does not cover any leakage of refrigerant.


This guarantee is contingent upon the installation being approved and/or started by our supervisor at conditions agreed upon by the parties.

Let us help you optimice your quality

OptimICE® systems come in various types and they can be customized depending on your needs. We work closely with our customers to find the best solution for each operation.