Where solutions and service meet excellence

KAPP is an Icelandic technology company that specializes in refrigeration services, production, sales and service of equipment for fisheries, aquaculture and other industries. The company is also an agent and service provider for foreign manufacturers of products related to the company's activities. 

90 Years of service excellence

We trace our roots back to 1929, when the esteemed machine workshop, Egill Vilhjalmsson hf was established. Specializing in automation, raw material handling, and services, we are industry leaders, particularly renowned in the seafood and aquaculture sectors.

Comprehensive support for uninterrupted operations

With a commitment to excellence, we provide a spectrum of services, including refrigeration, automation, maintenance, and repairs. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in our round-the-clock support for all equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Pioneering excellence worldwide

The company employs around 50 people and has sales representatives in 7 countries. KAPP has established a strong global presence as a trusted provider of the OptimICE® liquid slurry ice system. For decades, we have been delivering reliable and innovative solutions to customers worldwide, earning a reputation for excellence and dependability.

Groundbraking solutions

KAPP has dedicated itself to creating a positive environmental impact for its customers through the introduction of environmentally friendly refrigerants and groundbreaking solutions. We produce the revolutionary liquid slurry ice machine system, OptimICE®, Complementing this, our portfolio includes injection machine system, knife sharpening machine, brine mixing systems, and more refrigeration equipment, all designed to elevate operational efficiency.

Innovative Solutions and Expertise

At KAPP, we excel in ozone equipment, oxygen generators, and boast over two decades of experience in developing cutting-edge control systems like SCADA. Moreover, our expertise extends to system solutions, offering comprehensive design and installation services for freezing and cooling systems.

Excellent and exemplary!

Creditinfo has recently fourteen years certified Outstanding company in the Icelandic economy for good and reliable operations. Now, for the fifth year in a row, KAPP ehf. among the 2% best run companies in Iceland. We are very proud to reach these five in a row. This recognition can only be achieved with excellent staff and good communication with customers.

Our Story

KAPP traces its origins back to the automobile workshop Egill Vilhjálmsson founded in 1929. Since then the company has become a pioneer in refrigeration products and services. Our commitment to excellence continues to drive our success, and where our dedication to our customers remains unwavering. We will continue to seek out and integrate cutting-edge sustainable technology and solutions, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of progress.


Egill Vilhjálmsson automobile workshop was established. The mission was to offer everything for the automobile industry in one location. 


Sales of the famous Jeep Willys began.


Egill started fixing engine parts like spindle, camshaft and crankshaft along with using Metco metal stuffing. With all this Egill became the strongest automobile company in Iceland.


The firm split in two. The mechanical workshop and the lathe workshop were purchased by seven employees and was renamed Egill Vélaverkstæði.


Freyr Fridriksson becomes the managing director at Egill Vélaverkstæði.


Freyr Fridriksson founded KAPP. With focus on refrigeration solutions for retail and industrial sector KAPP went on a journey to become industry leader in that sector.


KAPP acquires Egill Vélaverkstæði and adds mechanical workshop and lathe workshop to its service portfolio.


KAPP acquires Optimar Iceland which had been renowned for its revolutionary Liquid Ice Machine system called OptimICE®.  


KAPP acquires Staltech, a manufacturer of products and solutions and a service provider for the fishing industry and other food industries. 


KAPP acquires Kistufell which is a well-established machine and automobile workshop and spare parts store, founded in 1952. 


KAPP acquires RAF, a pioneering high-tech company that held a prominent position as a manufacturer and service provider for the fishing and food industry.