CO2 for all OptimICE Liquid ice machines

CO2 for all OptimICE Liquid ice machines

The future is here

KAPP presented an innovation at the Seafood Show in Barcelona 2023. It is a CO2 refrigerant that will now be offered for the first time in all liquid ice machines instead of Freon.

KAPP is the first company in the world to develop and manufacture liquid ice machine that is environmentally friendly and withstands the demanding requirements and pressure that is placed on marine machinery.

Natural refrigerants are the future, CO2 is now available in all OptimICE® liquid ice machines. 


Optimice CO2 refrigerants for all machines


Reduce your carbon footprint with CO2

Seafood companies can reduce their carbon footprint by switching to CO2, the environmentally friendly refrigerant, and thus greatly reduce their GWP (Global Warming Potential). The new CO2 environmentally friendly refrigerant reduces the GWP from 1397 to 1 GWP when you change to CO2.

GWP is the Global Warming Potential, which is the ability of a greenhouse gas to cause climate warming compared to the power of CO2.

The freon R-449A takes 3,255 years to dissipate in nature, while CO2 takes 1 year to dissipate.


For all liquid ice machine

After a long development work at KAPP, where all development and production takes place, CO2 will be offered for all OptimICE liquid machines this year.


Sustainable responsibility

Start the energy transition by replacing Freon with CO2. 

It is important that everyone contributes to environmental issues. KAPP is a leading industrial company in sustainability, with its own carbon forest, specializes in helping companies reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating F-gases (freon) and replacing them with environmentally friendly refrigerants. 

Now we are adding another pillar in sustainability matters at KAPP by offering the CO2 solution for the fishing industry.”

Switch now too CO2 for the environment and the future.