Storage Tanks

Technical Specification:

Tanks are dual shell manufactured from plastic with air insulation. All tanks are manufactured to meet the most stringent requirements for food production.

The Tanks are designed to maintain a

homogenous ice mixture. This is achieved by continually stirring the mixture. The use of storage tanks makes it possible to deliver large quantities of Optim-Ice® when needed and in a short period of time.

Each tank is fitted with a pump capable of delivering up to 4000 liters of Optim-Ice® per hour. A pressure switch automatically starts and stops the pumping operation by sensing the pressure at the outlet nozzle.


Each tank is fitted with a sensor that senses the quantity of Optim-Ice® in the tank. The sensing mechanism automatically starts and stops the liquid ice system according to the customer requirements.

Power Consumption:

Total 2.6 kW (Pump 1.5 kW and Stirring Mechanism 1.1 kW).

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