Pre-Coolers FK-50

Technical Specification:

Pre-Coolers are used to obtain optimal utilization of the Optim-Ice® System invarying circumstances. The Pre-Cooler is adjusted and calibrated to suit each customer and his particular requirements. The selection of the correctPre-Cooler is dependant on the size of the liquid ice system being used and watertemperature. The use of a Pre-Cooler allows the customer to optimize the efficiency of the liquid icesystem at both different levels of flow and water temperature.


R-404A /R-449A


Production capacity:

50.0 kW/43.000 kcal/h

Production range:

3.000 litre per hour down cooling from 15°C to 0°C

6.000 litre per hour down cooling from 7.5°C to 0°C

Power consumption:

15.0 kW

Dimensions in cm

(LxWxH): 137x66x140


435 kg

Condenser cooling

5°C = 2.900 l/h - 10°C = 3.800 l/h

Water requirements:

15°C = 4.700 l/h - 20°C = 9.600 l/h

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