Injection Machine

The Raf-S900 brine injection machine system combines the advantages of an brine injection machine, brine mixing, brine production and registration of processing components. The brine mixing system is built into the injection machine. This makes it easier for the user to switch between different product types.


-Maximum injection pressure accuracy and equal pressure on each needle, which results in better product and increased efficiency
-A recipe system of processing that manages machine adjustments thus ensuring maximal utilization in each product category.
-Double injection
-Elevation sensors reduce unnecessary use of brine
-1232 thin needles that inject tightly into the product, which results in more even weight and a better appearance after injection
-The machine is easy to clean
-User friendly and intuitive touch screen controller
-Registration system for injection machine
-English/Icelandic operating system
-Remote connection to machine control equipment, remote service, opens up the possibility to monitor processing anywhere