New OptimICE liquid ice machine for smaller boats

New OptimICE liquid ice machine for smaller boats

KAPP presents, at the Seafood EXPO in Barcelona, the new OptimICE liquid ice machine designed for smaller boats.

The machine, BP-103, has been designed from scratch with the aim of serving all the needs of small boats in terms of size, performance and accessibility.


The width is only 59 cm and therefore fits through all doors. The height is 100 cm and the depth is 78 cm.


The liquid ice is made from the sea on board the boat and dissolves from flake ice. The liquid ice surrounds the fish and cools it down very quickly below 0°C and keeps it at around -0.5°C throughout the fishing trip, during landing and transport.

With this, the quality increases greatly and the shelf life is extended by 5-7 days.

OptimICE is designed, manufactured, sold and serviced by KAPP ehf and has been sold worldwide since 1999.