KAPP buys RAF ehf

KAPP buys RAF ehf

KAPP ehf has today 25 April 2023 at the seafood exhibition in Barcelona completed the purchase of all the shares in the high-tech company RAF ehf.

“With this purchase, I see great opportunities for KAPP’s further growth. I believe that the extensive knowledge and experience of the RAF staff as well as the machinery produced by the company will strengthen KAPP to further advance in the Icelandic fishing industry and aquaculture,” says Freyr Friðriksson, owner of KAPP.


RAF S900 Injection machine system.


“The companies have been cooperating for the past few years, which has always been increasing. The purchase is therefore a natural continuation of that and together the companies will be much stronger and offer more services and a much wider range of products,” says Freyr.

Stronger innovation and development

The main focus after the merger is even stronger innovation and development of new products and solutions for fish processing and aquaculture, as well as excellent customer service.

Valthor Hermannsson and Hjalti Halldorsson, the owners of RAF for 12 years, have had a successful collaboration with KAPP throughout the years and say this is the right time to sell RAF to KAPP.


RAF Ozone system.


RAF Oxygen generators.

Better services

“Together, the companies will offer even better services, strengthen the production of the companies’ products and develop new and exciting solutions in the coming years. With KAPP, additional forces will be unleashed as great human resources and experience are combined in these two companies,” says Valthor, who also joins KAPP’s management team.


RAF Control system SCADA.


“After 12 years of ownership in RAF and good operations in recent years, we believe that now is the right time to sell the company. We have had a very good cooperation with the management of KAPP in recent years, and conversations over the past few months led to the completion of the sale of the company, and we are confident that KAPP is the right person to take over now,” says Hjalti.

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The main picture at the top.

From left: Hjalti Halldorsson, Valthor Hermansson former owners of RAF ehf and Freyr Fridriksson owner of KAPP.